Parish History

St. Christopher’s began as a mission of St. Paul’s on the Plains in 1954 and called Fr. Thomas Miller as vicar in 1956. Within a year, we became a parish and established a school that in later years became All Saints Episcopal School, now on property of its own. This outstanding institution currently serves students from pre-school through high school.

Following Fr. Miller, St. Christopher’s called the Rev. Ken Clark in 1969, and the Rev. Ed Abrahamson in 1977 before the call to the Rev. James P. Haney, IV, in 1979. Fr. Haney served as rector for twenty-six years before his retirement in 2005. Then, the retired Rev. Canon David Veal served the parish as the interim rector until we called the Rev. J. Edson Way in 2008. Fr. Way retired in 2015. The current Priest-in-Charge is the Reverend Jennifer Holder.

Over our sixty years of life, we weathered challenges that actually strengthened the bonds of the parish family, and we developed programs and activities that enhanced that bond. There was the transition to the “new” prayer book and hymnal, a pledge of support to Holy Cross Mission that eventually closed, and perhaps one of the biggest challenges of all when in 1997 the members of St. Christopher’s were tested by the embezzlement of more than $60,000 by the church secretary. Through the commitment of all of the members, we were able to meet the other financial obligations of the church. Another major challenge occurred in 2003 when we, like many parishes, lost some of its members due to changes at the national church level relating to human sexuality.

Although our communicant size has been reduced through the years, our parish has remained strong in its stewardship, outreach programs and fellowship. The sense of family is a sustaining force in St. Christopher’s that has helped maintain closeness among the members.


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